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Snow Collapses Hangar at IAD - Very Pricey Biz Jets Take a Seat

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Fareed Guyot
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerAirVenture Volunteer
#1 Posted: 2/9/2010 13:16:07 Modified: 2/9/2010 13:34:40

A fellow EAA member sent me these pictures showing a Bombardier Challenger, Global and a Gulfstream in a corporate hangar at Dulles (IAD) looking like they are squatting after the hangar roof collasped onto their tail planes.


No word on whether their stall horns were going off.







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Eric Miller
#2 Posted: 2/12/2010 10:40:40

In the forground is a Bombardier Global Express (BBD-700) but the photos do not show any damage to it. Could just be be the angle the photo was taken from, but the the AOA of the wing portion that can be seen, looks much higher than normal for a Global--I suspect it too is sitting tail low due to roof pressure. The middle two are also BBD-700's and the farthest one is a Gulfstream GV. Each one of these costs in the mid $40 Million to replace. Even without considering the cost to replace the hangar this appears to be around $160-180 million in insurance claims. I can just hear CAE Simuflite and FlightSafety scurrying about trying to buy the cockpit sections and partial Avionics at "scrap value" for use as flight simulators. Unfortunately, probably 10-15 pilots are also out of a job for quite a while. The good news is no one was injured.----Fly safe---there is always the "unexpected" to consider.