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Volunteer Product Testers Needed-Pilot Product(2)

Posted By:
Charlie Becker
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 2/18/2010 09:28:26

EAA needs members to review an aircraft related product.  To volunteer, simply click the green "reply" button below and say you want to volunteer.  I’ll be selecting the testers (randomly) on 2/23/2010 and closing this thread at that time.  If you are selected, I will send you a private message or email with the details.

 Requirements to participate in this test:

·         You need to regularly fly an aircraft, preferable some cross country flights.  The product is portable so you do not need to own the aircraft.

·         You must complete a short product review after using the product.

·         You must be an EAA member.

·         You get to keep the product after you are done testing it.

We’ll be having other opportunities to test products coming up so keep checking back to www.oshkosh365.org forums for more posts.  You’ll see the outcome of this test work in an upcoming issue of Sport Aviation under Member Tested.

Thanks for volunteering,

Charlie Becker
Director, EAA Member Programs

Built Sonex, Own J-3 Cub