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Preserved/display aircraft

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Bob Ogden
#1 Posted: 2/22/2010 11:10:51

I am the author of the series of books 'Aviation Museums and Collections' published by Air-Britain ( see their sales website for details.

I am now working on the second edition of the volume covering North America.

The book now includes display aircraft / monuments at airfields, in parks etc. Military aircraft are fairly well documented but civilian ones less so.

Aircraft in stores and restaurants will also be included.

Also aircraft used for ground instruction in colleges and schools.

I am writing to ask if any EAA members could help me in this project by supplying details of aircraft in the categries mentioned above. Type and N number or military tail number please.

Finally do any EAA Chapters have their own museums - details please.

I would appreciate any help.

Please send to me Bob Ogden




I look forward to your replies.




Bob Ogden