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CAN YOU HELP? Urgently seeking Panama / Costa Rica approach plates

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Adam Smith
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#1 Posted: 4/20/2010 19:52:43 Modified: 4/20/2010 19:53:42

Our Chairman of International Visitors received the following request from a couple who are flying around the world in a Van's RV-7, and urgently need some approach plates for locations in Costa Rica and Panama .  If anyone can help please contact Detlef Heun directly at d-heun@web.de

The approach plates they seek are:

Panama: MPMG and MPDA
Costa Rica : MRPV and MRLB

From: Detlef Heun <d-heun@web.de>
To: detlili@email.de
Sent: Tue, April 20, 2010 2:48:38 PM

Hello flying friends!

Trapped in Peru...

We are waiting now for the overflight permission to Ecuador, although when we get it, the flight permission from Peru is already void. So tomorrow we have to get a new flight permission for Peru.....
The weather in Panama and Costa Rica are bad, that is , the rainy season has started.

VFR flying is just possible in the morning, then we have to fly IFR.

At the airport here in Trujillo, Peru, we cannot get approach charts for the main airports of Panama and Costa Rica, this is finally where we decided to fly. Ecuador would have been a great option to fly to, but as much inconveniences as here in Peru. Once you get in, its hard to get out.
Calls and calls to the AIS of Ecuador. Either they are at breakfast, or they are gone. It is very hard to reach somebody that can do

Yes, the approach plates are now what we need. We have written to the AIS Panama and Costa Rica, but no reaccion.
We have even written to some flying schools in Costa Rica...we are just asking for two approach plates, two from Panama and two
from Costa Rica.
At this point we dont know where to get them from.

Every day we check our emails to see the weather, to check if we got the permission.

We are stuck, we want to get out!!!!! Who could sent  us this approach plates  ( per email) ??

The approach plates we need are from :
Panama: MPMG and MPDA
Costa Rica : MRPV and MRLB

regards from two lonely pilots stuck in Huanchaco

-- Detlef Heun&  Liliana Tagliamonte



Frank Fisher
#2 Posted: 4/24/2010 10:54:21


I am attempting to have an associate contact you from Costa Rica.  His name is Giana Soto.  He should be able to help you out with your charting needs.

Good luck with your journey.