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Penny Bowman
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#1 Posted: 5/17/2010 13:30:31

I'm starting a topic for sharing good sources for ordering merchandise:

  -- for chapters to sell to members and the public

  -- for chapters to order for use by the chapter


To start the topic off, our chapter would like to share two good sources we have used a few times -- and we'd like to ASK for another type:



I recommend EMPIRE BANNERS:   http://www.empirebanners.com/Economy_Banners.cfm

I found the prices and response time to be outstanding!  I showed the results to others at our airport and they ordered banners from Empire Banners, too!  For my complete write-up about this recommendation, go to:  http://www.oshkosh365.org/ok365_DiscussionBoardTopic.aspx?boardid=147&id=1235&topicid=2737&forumid=182  If we need more banners (likely this year), we will definitely order again from Empire.



I recommend QUEENSBORO:    www.queensboro.com

Our chapter has used Queensboro several times (5 orders since 2007) for polos, shirts, jackets, and more.  (btw -- we recommend the 6.1oz weight fabric (not the 5.3 oz) - We're about to order more of polo styles 1440,1443,1446).  They have a 4-piece minimum order (although we have sometimes ordered as many as 100 pieces).  The 1st logo set-up is free (if under 11,000 stitches). Customer service has been outstanding in replacing a couple items - no questions asked.  btw -- They do have a win-win program:  If you want a $25 off coupon, Queensboro has a referral program where our chapter can refer you and not only do you get a $25 off coupon for your 1st order (has to be used within 15 days), but our chapter also gets $25 off our next order.  If interested, write me at:  EAA106.President -at- gmail.com


ECONOMICAL EMROIDERED 6-panel TWILL CAPs **WITHOUT** a knob on top ...

HELP!!   Our chapter NEEDS a recommendation so that we may order some new cap designs we'd like to sell to members and the public at events this summer.  Queensboro's sources do not carry 6-panel caps except with a knob, which is obviously bad for us pilots wearing headsets.  Other suppliers offer caps which don't have a knob on top, but -- They look like painter's caps, not the nice, 6-panel twill caps (often low-profile) with stiff bill which pilots are seeking.  Does anyone have a recommendation? Thanks for any help!


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