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Video Captures Navy Helicopter Barely Escaping Unplanned Dip in Lake

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Fareed Guyot
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerAirVenture Volunteer
#1 Posted: 9/30/2010 15:51:31 Modified: 9/30/2010 17:12:49

 A United States Navy MH-60 Romeo helicopter was seen dropping nearly out of control into Lake Tahoe last month (September 13) in a video captured by tourists. The helicopter was part of a flight of two identical models that were returning from a cross country when they paused over the lake and hovered a few feet above the water. The video shows one helicopter mostly under the control while the other is in a slow descending spiral before dipping in the water. The Navy confirmed the incident and said that at least one aircraft suffered Class “C” damage which may be up to $500,000. The crews were able to land at Lake Tahoe airport (KTVL), where repairs were made before separate crews flew the aircraft to San Diego. The pilots involved have been grounded pending an investigation.



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David Darnell
#2 Posted: 9/30/2010 19:26:28

  Imagine  they had to stop for a overtorque inspection, and a clean pair of shorts..........