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"Aviation Central!"

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David Hutchins
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#1 Posted: 4/10/2011 21:11:55

> "Aviation Central!"

> In the spirit of cooperation we need to reestablish a general aviation central cable channel. I forsee a channel that EAA , AOPA, NBAA, major and minor aircraft manufacturers, aircraft component suppliers, military aviation recruiting, Boeing, Young Eagles, CAP might all have balanced programs and sponsorships. Programming that tickles the adventure of flight, young eagleprograms, business use programs, flight training programs, video magazine on neat places to go/see/vacation, introduction to building techniques, building a kit by an EAA chapter, building a kit by a kids aviation club or group, NAFI programs, - I could go on and on. The spirit of cooperation by all of aviation could be really mined at all aspects. Saturday programs for the kids to stimulate interest interest and young eagle reports and happenings. Flight training for seniors, women, high school students. A small cadre of reporters from the AOPA Pilot, EAA Sport Pilot, Flying, Pilot Getaways, etc and representatives from all of the alphabet aviation groups could be located in one central location to plan and coordinate programming. Aircraft manufactures could produce model specific videos of their various models or kits. FAA and ASF could provide a safety thread of programming. All of the major fly-in events could be highlighted before, during, and after the events. Garmin and other accessory suppliers could program on their newest technologies. Aviation would be in sight and in abundance on TV or cable! The channel could be put as one of the free or basic cable channels so everyone would have an opportunity to see aviation ever present. I envision AOPA/EAA would be the leading forces with a vice president position in each organization. A revolving "President" between the main players might be necessary as a tie breaker!


Carl Orton
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerHomebuilder or CraftsmanAirVenture Volunteer
#2 Posted: 4/11/2011 12:47:25


Good topic; mostly because it is a good intro for my views on this subject!  ;-)

I fully support your idea - but the "realities" of the marketplace and view demographics has to be recognized.

Remember the "Wings Channel"?  Yes, there were some great shows on there that I loved to watch, but that's preachin' to the choir.

A few weeks ago, there was a similar thread where folks were jumping all over the aviation letter groups to "wake up" to the success of Flying Wild Alaska. Folks were begging EAA to do a similar show.

Here's what I think of that: Flying Wild Alaska's success had VERY little to do with aviation. It was more about the people. Folks loved the typical teen daughter; they loved sitting on the edge of their seats wondering if the lost snow-mobiler would be found; they loved seeing how a group of hunters would be dropped off in the wilderness, *hopefully* to be reconnected at some later date before bad weather came in.

You, I, and just about every OSH 365 contributor would LOVE to see a channel with nothing more than homebuilder tips or aerial tour groups, but until you inject the human element, an INTERESTING human element, no one else will watch it, no ad revenues will result and, well, you know.

I'm sitting here thinking that every TV producer worth his/her salt is out there scouring possibilities for other quirky aviation-themed shows.

Do we think (and I don't know; and not being sarcastic) that Peterbuilt, Mack, K-worth are out there begging their industry associations to do more Ice Road Trucker shows in order to lure folks to big-rig driving?  I'll bet a Coke that they're not. It's the drama, the human element, that sells the show.

Don't get me wrong; done right, the right show could do wonders to stoke aviation interests. I'd personally love to see it happen.

- Carl
Jerry Rosie
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#3 Posted: 4/12/2011 07:52:03

I don't want to appear cynical or totally negative, but aviation starts at the local airport, not on the TV screen.  Airports need to figure out how to be 'user friendly' and still satisfy the paranoia of Homeland Security....


Cheers, Jerry NC22375 out of 07N
Blaine Banks
#4 Posted: 4/14/2011 22:17:59

Yeeeeup...David, this is what I would consider an "esential service" that has been needed for quite some time. This would be in my opinion, a "win, win" situation for all concerned. We are facing in this country a very fascinating scenario when comparing our aviation industry to others in the world. As "third world" countries attempt to come out of their "dark ages", they are trying to emulate the American Aviation system due to the fact that it is unquestionably the best in the world. While we are being emulated by these other countries, we seem to be moving more into their "dark ages" as they emerge. I am astounded by the perception of the general public towards aviation in general and general aviation in particular. The solution to the negativism is to provide the information and education that allows aviation activites the exposure they should have to the general public. It appears that a good portion of the population have a strong interest in aviation but it is something that is "in the closet" except for the activities of the Airlines. The new series "Flying Wild Alaska" is an excellent primer for a step in the direction of educating people on the value of general aviation.

The idea of a channel in which Aviation is shown to be the essential part of the economy that it is, and that anyone has the ability to involve themselves at any number of different levels in this wonderful activity known as "Aviation". Another factor that comes into play on the phiisophical arena, is the fact that, Aviation is one of the main activities that represents the Freedoms and Liberties that we have enjoyed in the United States since Wilbur and Orville. While other countries are recognizing this desire to be "Free", they are embracing and expanding their general aviation acitivites in order to accomplish many of the things that the American Aviation system has shown the way. As Aviation is attacked and challenged in our country, these are direct attacks on our generic Freedoms and Liberties that are left in this country. Even China has opened up a large portion of their airspace in order to accomodate avaiton training which, at this juncture is being done in America and Australia due to the open skies we have developed through the capalistic systems of government. Protecting our Aviation through education and exposure, on a dedicated TV channel, would be an essential step in my opinion in order to try and maintain the best system in the world.