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Volunteers for Young Eagles Flight Education at KidVenture

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Bob Meder
NAFI MemberAirVenture Volunteer
#1 Posted: 5/5/2010 07:12:14 Modified: 5/6/2010 11:40:18

As you many of you know, I'm a volunteer and one of the coordinators at the Young Eagles Flight Education area at KidVenture.  This is an area where young people get an exposure to all facets of flight, ranging from aerodynamics and human factors to aircraft design, regulations, finally culminating with some loggable time from CFI's using approved basic ATD's.  This is a great experience for both the kids and adults involved and helps lay the foundation for the future.

With that, I'd like to invite any of the chapters that will be attending AirVenture to host one of the booths.  We already have representation from several organizations, but it would be wonderful in this year of aviation outreach to have representation from the chapters.  All it would take is a commitment of some time on the part of a few volunteers.  They would not have to commit to the entire week, and a rotation would be set up so no one would have to spend the entire day at KidVenture - we're just looking for participation to cover the entire week.  Skills required?  Other than the dual instruction being given by the CFI's on the ATD's, only a knowledge of aviation is required.  We provide the syllabus and the materials needed to provide for a great educational experience.

If you're interested in participating in a great event that will help shape a youngsters future, the future of aviation, and add a real highlight to your visit to Oshkosh, please feel free to send me a private message on this site.


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