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Van Nyes (KVNY) to Airventure 2011

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Jack Knutson
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#1 Posted: 4/20/2011 21:19:49

So I was down at KVNY with my dad for a B-17 flight. It was line nothing I could have ever imagined! In other "events" I was on a C-47 with Cpt. Sullenberger, shook hands with Rod Hightower, and (shockingly) won the Airventure 2011 VIP package.  
shocked I was shocked! They called the name for the Sunday B-17 flight, then called the winner of the VIP package. A name is called, no answer, they call another name, again, no answer. Another name is drawn, and again, answer!!!!! The draw a name once again, "Jack Knutson" I sit there like another loosing "battle."
sad  It takes me about three seconds until I realize


shocked Thats my name!!! The rest is a mix of excitement, joy, and going into a state of shock!


That is my story, and I WILL go to Oshkosh WI for Airventure 2011 this yyear to celebrate 100 years of Naval Aviation!

Hope to see you all there!