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Flying to OSH 2012

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George Richards
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 5/9/2011 16:44:47

Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm almost  scared to start this thread but..

I live in New Zealand. In 2012 I will be flying from KCNO to KOSH. 

I want to spend about a week to get there. Each day I want to fly for a few hours then stop and look around.

So.. forget all the requirements.. I know about those and have that sorted out.. but..

being an "out of town'r" , where are the good spots to visit?

First glance I have this in mind.

Day 1  CNO-SEZ

Day 2 SEZ - SAF

Day 3 SAF - DDC

Day 4 DDC - MHE

Day 5 MHE - OSH

The last day is for the Airtventure cup which I would like to at least fly along with so that is pretty much fixed and I also want to see SEZ so that's fixed.. the rest is pretty much an even cut through what looks like the best terrain.

The way back I haven't considered although I think Rapid City is high on my list and back out more northern and down either on the coast or inland.

I figured there might be a few suggestions of some great little places to stop in on for the night etc.

We also don't have the FBO system down here so I don't really understand that but I'm sure that will work itself out.

Mike Edwards
Vintage Aircraft Association MemberYoung Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#2 Posted: 5/9/2011 18:33:32

Don't be scared to start this thread.  Pilots love to talk about this stuff.  Everybody's got opinions.

SEZ and SAF are outstanding choices, both really colorful places to visit in the USA.  Also, that's a good, safe route from SoCal to Oshkosh.  Dodge City sounds like it ought to be colorful, Gunsmoke and all, but when I stopped there on the way back from Oshkosh a few years ago it was just another town, nothing special.  Good FBO, good motel, got a neat dawn picture there I use as a screensaver, but not really anything special.  Maybe others can recommend somewhere impressive to stop in mid-America.

My trips to Oshkosh often include Dubuque, Iowa, DBQ, an old city right on the Mississippi River, and only about an hour from Oshkosh, but it sounds like you have that last leg covered.

I want to go to Rapid City someday and see all the many sights around there, but haven't made it yet.

Have fun!

Mike E

Jim Clark
Vintage Aircraft Association MemberYoung Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#3 Posted: 5/14/2011 20:56:30

George, what will you be flying?

Fly past DDC and land at 8KS8 and stay in our guest room, or go 11 more miles and stop in 3JC, Junction City, Kansas, home of the National Biplane Fly In.  Right next door to 3JC is Fort Riley, a historic frontier post that is now home to the. U.S. Army First Infantry Division.  If you have just a couple hours we'll get you to the National Calvary Museum on the Post that is really worth seeing. 

Flint Hills EAA Chapter 1364 would be happy to host your visit and make your quick stop a memorable one.  Check out pictures of 3JC at the National Biplane Fly In website.   See you in 2012.

George Richards
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#4 Posted: 5/14/2011 21:29:18

Hi Jim..

Thanks for the reply.

This is the kind of stuff I'm after.

I hope to be in a Falco so I don't have enough wings to qualify for a biplane  sad

The sight seeing at Fort Riley sounds great. I'll be flying with a buddy of mine who I'm sure will be keen on that too.

I'll definitely add that to my list of possibilities. As you can imagine.. each destination depends on the other to some extent but I like the sound of this.