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Homebuilders in the New York area: Can you help?!?

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Hal Bryan
#1 Posted: 8/28/2009 09:18:12

Last night, I received the following email message from EAA member Robert Wyllie:

My neighbor, Herbert McMahon who is a member #0606953 has asked me to contact you to see if you might know someone who could finish his Murphy Rebel. Herb has been working on this kit for 5 years & it is about 90% complete.

He has been told he has only a few weeks to live, because of the cancer he has been fighting for 7mos. I know this is alot to ask & is probably impossible to do, but I promised I'd ask. If you can't help, which we would understand, this plane will be for sale in any event. Thank you for your consideration. Robert Wyllie....

It would be a great gift for Herb to see this project finished.

If you can help or know of anyone who can, please contact Robert directly in Constableville, NY:

(315) 397-8177  


Online Community Manager - EAA
Jesse Schoolcraft
#2 Posted: 8/29/2009 11:10:03

There's a guy at the local airport here in Middletown, OH that may be able to help find somebody. I doubt that he could finish it, but he may be able to find somebody. I'll see if I can get some contact info from him.

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