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Can I add a fluid reservoir to my brake system?

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Robert Zerull
#1 Posted: 9/23/2009 15:34:13

I own an experimental aircraft that has a seerate brake system for the right side wheel and another, identical for the left side wheel.  They operate by forcing fluid throught the system with a piston attached to the pedal and the fluid line going directly to the brake assembly.  The problem:  I constantly have to bleed the brakes (every few months) for them to operate properly.  I know there must be leaks somewhere, but nothing large enough that can be identified.  Is it possible to add a brake fluid reservoir to a system like this?

L8r, Bob
Joanne Palmer
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerHomebuilder or Craftsman
#2 Posted: 9/25/2009 11:26:49

Sure;  Why not?  You will likely need to change the master cylinders to a non reservoir type and then add lines to your new master cylinders from the reservoir. 


On another note, It is likely that the reservoirs are pumping the fluid to the other reservoirs during braking.  This can cause fluid loss that is masked by the mess that normally accompanies these reservoir type master cylinders.  In order to prevent this you need to have shuttle valves in the brake system so that only one side or another is applying braking force to the brake cylinders.