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Cool Weight & Balance Graph

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Donald Morrisey
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 10/30/2009 13:26:04 Modified: 11/5/2009 14:01:56

Hello Builders:

Follow the link to a very cool excel worksheet with a weight and balance chart on it that you can download.  This one is set up for a Bushcaddy but you can adapt it to your airplane as long as you know all the Arm and Moment numbers for your plane.  The idea is to set up the blue values once and then change the yellow values to match what your weights are on a particular day.  After plugging in the numbers, the graph will show you whether or not you are within your envelope.  To change the two axis of the chart  to match your envelope, click in the upper right area of the graph and drag it to one side.  You will see the axis values underneath, just change those to match your envelope, then drag the chart back on top.  Feel free to email me if you can't figure it out...you do need some knowledge of excel.


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Don -

With all due respect to number crunchers (and my former Microsoft colleagues) everywhere, not many spreadsheets can be described as "cool." You not only found one, you shared it here, saving who knows how many of your fellow builders from trying to reinvent the wheel!

Your offer to help if anyone had trouble using it was icing on the cake. Thanks for another great example of what EAA is all about!

- Hal Bryan

EAA Online Community Manager




N2C; BushCaddy R 120 w/O235-L2C; http://www.donsbushcaddy.com
Ried Jacobsen
#2 Posted: 10/31/2009 18:37:15

Nice little spreadsheet to simplify the number crunching.

Thanks for the link