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Need help identifing starter

Posted By:
Ronald Shoemaker
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 11/10/2009 14:08:40 Modified: 11/13/2009 17:45:43

Back in the late 90's I purchased one of the light weight starters for my Lycoming engine.

They advertisied in Sport Aviation, but I do not remember their name. It was for homebuilts only, had a welded

steel mount bracket and used a Nippondenso starter.

I now need to replace the starter. If anybody knows the model number of the starter or what year/make vechicle

it was used on. Please e-mail with the info.


My repair shop was able to match it with a Lester #16823 (used on toyota cressida or supra 85-90). had to swap the pinion gear (11 tooth) from my old one to the new starter. The new starter had a 9 tooth gear.

all though the nine tooth may have worked. After talking with Mark Landoll who sells new starters with mount for homebuilts. He uses nine tooth gears on lycoming's and has two different nine tooth gears he uses depending on which ring gear is on the engine. if you need one his number is 405-392-3847.

Ron shoemaker

Below are pic's of my starter (Lester # 16823) you might reconize it and know who the seller was.


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