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Exterior Screws

Posted By:
Michael Saathoff
#1 Posted: 3/24/2010 10:39:11



I'm in the process of rebuilding a Stits Playmate http://stitsplaymate.blogspot.com.  The front half of the fuselage is sheeted aluminum attached with mostly 10/32 stainless steel phillips truss head screws.  Unfortunately, I find the phillips screws don't bite well to a driver and I often slip off and scratch the paint or even worse in some areas puncture fabric.  I was wondering if there was a Torx or Allen equivalent for a truss head.  I find them with pan head readily but need the additional holding of a truss. 

Any thougths on a good 10/32 truss head screw to use?


Thank You,


Mike Saathoff



Alan Leaning
#2 Posted: 3/25/2010 19:38:17


Stainless screws tend to grab the carbon steel nutplate as you install or remove. Something I have used to help is grab an empty mascara bottle with the brush and use the brush to apply anti-seize compound or something equivalent to the nutplate threads. Works like a charm on our spinner screws. I cleaned out an old mascara bottle the wife was going to toss some years ago and put some Molycote M77 paste in it. It now resides in the tool box and is used whenever a spinner or stressed panel is removed. In the case of truss head screws, if you are using an electric screw gun to remove these screws, I suggest you break the torque with a screwdriver or speed handle setup before zapping away at the panel. When installing set the torque by hand and not with the screw gun.