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Engine overhaul

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Leon Marion
#1 Posted: 5/5/2010 16:31:21

Does anyone know who rebuilds old Franklin engines? Or who grinds cranks, does cylinders, mags? 65 to m90HP

Joanne Palmer
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerHomebuilder or Craftsman
#2 Posted: 5/5/2010 18:33:58

If anyone knows someone it will be Tom Downey of Oak Harbor Wahington.  you can reach him at http://www.whidbey.com/fairchild-nc19143/

Michael Glasgow
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#3 Posted: 5/5/2010 20:21:43

You can also try:  http://www.franklinengines.com   I don't know anything about them, other than the business is up for sale.  There might be someone in the group who has had dealings with them recently, and would know something about them.

GliderMike, aka A&PMikeG, aka Mike Glasgow  (The A&P is new as of today, so I'm showing off.  The "A" part was new last October)

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Dan Hammons
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#4 Posted: 6/10/2010 14:16:33

Greg Lucas in Oklahoma is the Best in the Stinson World.  he has an e-mail address but can't find it now.  Try the Yahoo Group or the International Stinson Club.


Greg Lucas
221 N Pecan St
Pauls Valley, OK 73075


Terk Williams
#5 Posted: 6/16/2010 07:37:22

I'm an 'old' A&PIA and there are two people that have become my 'sources' for Franklin engines and parts.  Susan Proul has the parts.  She IS Franklin Engine Parts and is VERY responsive and knowlegable.  She made some parts "happen" all the way from Texas to N CA a couple of years ago despite the fact that it was after hours when we called and a Friday to boot.  We were flying again by the end of the weekend! Her number is 903 626-5210. Her email is susan@franklinparts.com  . We finally met her in person at Sun n Fun this year.  What a great Franklin advocate! 

The other gentleman is a professor at Vanderbuilt in KY who took on the rebuilding of Franklin engines a few years ago as a "hobby" because there were few good rebuilders left.  He has become, in my world, "THE" man for Franklins.  His name is Phil Davis and his number is 615 477-5136.


Keep 'em flying....  Terk Williams