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Looking for experienced Europa builder/mechanic/pilot to inspect (Savannah GA)

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Luc Michaud
#1 Posted: 6/2/2010 12:41:47

Hello I'm looking for an experienced Europa builder/mechanic/pilot to assist with an Europa monowheel near Savannah GA.  Willing to compensate, of course !  Initial requirement is for 1 day.



Heffrey Paris
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#2 Posted: 6/29/2010 07:27:12

Hi Luc,

My name is Jeff Paris and I am currently about a DAR's sign off away from finishing my Europa Monowheel Classic Kit # A012.  I have also built a Zenith CH601XL , which was flying for 5 years until the FAA mandated SAIB grounding regarding the XL fleet and is pending wing modifications once I finish the Europa.

I am also he owner of a builder assistance company called AeroARTS, LLC, however, I am located in Rochester New York, which makes for certain issues dealing with travel.  Anyways, what is your current building status? Have you worked on a project like this before? Is your airplane a classic build or of the newer kind? 

Some food for thought:  The closest person to you who is an expert on Europas is Bud Yerly of Custom Flight Creations.  Bud is the US dealer/tech representative forall things Europa and he is in the Lakeland Florida area.  Anyways, if you would like to talk my cell phone number is 585 750-5333.


Jeff Paris