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Balancing a Spinner

Posted By:
Cory Robin
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerHomebuilder or CraftsmanUltralight EnthusiastAirVenture Volunteer
#1 Posted: 6/18/2010 23:17:56

Anyone have any resources to point me too on this one?   

I have a spinner with a kevlar backplate that at about 1600 RPM really starts to wobble.    I've just added (bonded) a high grade aluminum doubler to the backplate to eliminate a good bunch of flex...   Now to fix the real issue, the dern thing needs to be balanced!

I'm pretty handy, is there a balancing tool I can easily fabricate?    I've thought about a level and a plumb-bob type system, but worry about its accuracy.

Any ideas would be VERY welcome!


Robert Dingley
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#2 Posted: 6/20/2010 13:58:45

Hi Corry.

I hope that this suggestion from an inarticulate clodhopper will not put you further behind, but here goes.

I remember that eons ago, some builders were making their spinners from a disc of aluminum on a lathe. They were spun using a tool that had a roller on it. Oriental woks are made from steel this same way and sometime  in primitive settings.

I have a half formed idea that also uses a lathe or wheel balancer. It could be that the spinner and back plate are off a little. I wish that I could be more help Good luck.



Salvo Matranga
#3 Posted: 6/29/2010 08:52:58

I made on a lathe an aluminium prop flange, 2 ball bearing in it, then i mount  in a vise and I balance statically the plate first with some epoxy plaster, then I mount on the spinner and I put inside  some other plaster using my fingers trought the prop holes

Excuse my bad English I'm from Italy happy

Best regards Salvo

Salvo Matranga