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Long Coot Amphibian

Posted By:
William Hodges
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#1 Posted: 9/4/2010 08:37:17 Modified: 9/4/2010 08:41:17

I am working on a 2+2 place version of Molt Taylor's Coot Amphibian.  I want to duplicate the performance of my 1968 Piper Cherokee 140 with the added capability of water landing operations.  We live in the Chesapeake Bay region and would get a lot more of use out of our airplane if it were a capable boat as well as an airplane. 

The 2 place Coot has many of the features I am looking for in a design, it just needs to be larger. The Long Coot will be 25% longer and maximum gross weight will be 50% higher.  These numbers were chosen because they are easy to implement and will result in an aiplane with about the right amount of useful load and floatation.   The Coot is a very seaworthy design and will handle big water well.  The wings are foldable and the vessel can be trailered like a boat.  The hull can be built in a similar manner to a speed boat using similar materials. 

This is going to be a long project.  Anyone interested can get more information from me via email at petehdgs@juno.com and I can provide you with a project update. 

Have Fun!  Fly Safe!
William "Pete" Hodges
The Quixote Airman