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Canopy latches

Posted By:
Pierre D'Entremont
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 1/29/2011 22:45:24

Am about to begin working on the BD-5 again...Am doing a Ron Paulbicke mod putting the radiator in the a modified nose...Ron offset the weight in a Thunderbede and a a Micro Mig 21 ...both Honda powered ....The Micro Mig  was the better bird and once he climbed into 16,000 and would have kept on going but he aborted as he was out of oxygen ...

But back to task here...I am wanting to have a four point latching system and have figured out a way to run a double strap slider in a hat section where the ears on the canopy slides down into a slot and goes in between the slider bars and a bushing bolt captures the grove in the ears when it slides back in the hat section...an if the groves are slanted it can pull the canopy down tight....slider can be spring loaded to keep it tought and the knob being a forward and back thing can maybe protrude out the body to offer outside operation.....I might can use the teflon wire shielded cable  being used  in the rudder cables that eliminate binding...and are heat resistant..to actuate both sliders at the same time from one side.... 

Main question is are we required now to be able to unlatch a canopy from the out side by the inspector???

Tooky or Pierre