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War Aircraft Replicas (W.A.R.)

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Zack Baughman
#1 Posted: 2/4/2011 09:28:46

I'm interested in hearing some opinions/experiences about/with the W.A.R. series of homebuilt warbird replicas.  There doesn't seem to be too much useful into on the web at the moment.  There appears to be a somewhat new website being constructed here:  http://www.waraircraftreplicas.com/, but many of the features are not yet complete, and the info is somewhat sparse.  I also found this, which has a bit more info:  http://warbuddies.homestead.com/  It has more info than the company site, but even so, it too seems to be lacking in really good info and details.  While there are numerous links to builders' websites, most of the sites are outdated and offline. 

Do any of you have first hand experience with the W.A.R. replicas?  Built one, bought one, flew one, building one, have the plans, etc?  I'd love to hear what you have to say about them.  I'm particularly interested in any P-47 replica experiences, but if you have any first hand experience with any of the designs, please chime in. 

Thanks for any and all info!



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Tony Pileggi
Homebuilder or CraftsmanAirVenture Volunteer
#2 Posted: 2/10/2011 22:22:56 Modified: 2/10/2011 22:24:29


I'm the President of the Replica Fighters Association. I have been a member since 1992. Many of our members cut their teeth building W.A.R replicas. I have heard many great things about the W.A.R Aircraft, and I am told there are quite a few of them around.

I must also say, I have only seen a few of them and I have never seen a W.A.R replica fly. The owners never seem to say why they don't fly their aircraft. I can't figure it out.

I'm not trying to infer anything, just relating the little I know about W.A.R aircraft.



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David Spinnett
#3 Posted: 2/18/2011 22:32:46

I bought a FW190 that somebody else started, and I didn't make good progress (race cars, small kids etc), so I sold it. I think its about done now. I've never seen one fly either, though I know a couple other people that have them. I've been on and off with the design for 10 years or so, and the website has been stale the whole time. its an ok design, and there's a guy in England who seems to have gotten lots of enjoyment out of his P47 - google Russel Myles or something similar... For me, they are just a bit too small, and I'm not a big fan of moldless composites.. I want to do one in aluminum, just chicken to start since I've not built a plane before. You have to make EVERYTHING, and there are very few parts that others make. Seems no big deal until you start building the landing gear!  I still have a set of plans, so might do again some day. Due to it being plans only, I get the feeling that lots of them get started, but mostly by dreamers. The original guys promoted it well, but the current owner of the assets doesn't seem to be an active businessman, more kind of a caretaker seeing the slow demise of the type - just my opinion though!