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Yuriy Prisyazhnyy
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 3/10/2011 07:34:48

 Skyline-12LTD (Ukraine, Kiev) has finished building the first helicopter category“A” SL-222. This helicopter was developed in accordance with the FAR-27,satisfies the requirements for helicopters category "A" - atwin-engine, with an opportunity to continue flying on one engine.

The bearing system has good autorotation rate, which is achieved by a smallload on the swept area of rotor (15,9 kg/sq.m), as well as the high inertialproperties of the three-bladed main rotor. Therefore, even in case of failureat once two engines, SL-222 allows you to make safe landing in autorotation.
SL-222 first and still the world's only lightweight twin-engine helicoptercategory "A", which makes it suitable for a flights over the hard toreach areas (extensive forests, mountains, sea), including flights over cities.

Record spacious cabin - it is free to place two large human. Leather trimmedcabin, excellent noise reduction, increased glass area can comfortably performeven long flight.

SL-222 has adequate price. Significant technical advantages, therespectable appearance and prestige of helicopter owning, you will receive onlyfor $149 thousand, in full equipment list. Possibility of delivery: 1helicopter is already available, the next - after 4-5 months. after placingthe order.

This helicopter is ideal for business people who keep their eyes on image andknow value of own time. At the same time, SL-222 successfully applied forthe private use of a wide profile, as a comfortable, safe vehicle.

Firstflight video you can see on our site:  http://www.skyline.ua/development_eng.html

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