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Looking for great homebuilt aircraft pics

Posted By:
Matthew Long
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 4/10/2011 09:44:44 Modified: 4/10/2011 09:46:06

For 2011, I put together a calendar of photos of homebuilt boats (my other hobby) which you can see on my Lulu pageFor 2012, I thought I'd try a calendar of photos of the kind of homebuilt aircraft that I love: classic, simple designs of wood, steel and fabric, flying low and slow.  Of course, there will have to be a Clutton FRED in there!

If you have already taken, or take in the future, a very nice photo of a homebuilt that you'd like to contribute to this project, please send me a high-resolution .jpg image (3600 x 2800 pixels or more) and the following information:

Photographer's name (as it should be credited):
Aircraft type:
Aircraft registration:
Builder's name:
Year aircraft completed:
Owner's name:
Location of photo:
Year photo taken:
Other notes:

Photos can be of new or old aircraft, on the ground, in the air, interior, exterior, from the cockpit, under construction or restoration, anything goes. I will only use photos for which I have the permission of the photographer and if I use your photo, I will send you a free calendar. If you have lots of photos, please send small thumbnails or post them to a photo sharing site and send me a link.

The initial deadline for submitting photos is September 1st, 2011 so I can get it finished in plenty of time for the holidays. That also gives everyone time to send in their pics from the summer fly-ins. I look forward to seeing some great shots!




******* Matthew Long www.cluttonfred.info