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WWII Photos - B-29s and Mustangs, etc., from Iwo Jima

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Hal Bryan
#1 Posted: 2/19/2010 11:08:15

Some amazing shots - click the pic for many more:


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Russ Zimmerman
#2 Posted: 2/19/2010 20:06:15

Fantastic photo album, Hal.  So much detail both in the photos and the writings, really gives a much more thorough feel for what it was really like.

Thanks again for another good find.


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Paul Jackson
AirVenture Volunteer
#3 Posted: 2/26/2010 11:42:17

My Dad was an Iwo Marine 4th Division A-1-24 and he landed on blue beach on the right flank.  I took him back a couple of years ago with Military Historical Tours to Iwo, Saipan, and Tinian.  Quite a trip.  I also got to speak to a P-51 pilot who flew off Iwo after it was "secured".  He told the story of a Congressional Medal of Honor awarded almost 45 days after the island was declared secure to an african american (only of WW II?) for fighting off a Japanese banzai attack on the pilot and crews tents.  He said  they lost many men to guerilla attacks from stragglers that were still in the tunnels months after the battle ended.

The picture is looking towards Surabachi there and on the airfield that was under construction when we landed.  It ran the length of the island's flat center.  If you look left you see the landing beaches and if you could "turn" you would see the temporary cemetery.  To the camera's back is the highlands that took many Marines to secure.  Today it is where the "modern" airport sits running at 90 degrees to the WWII US runway.  Today the area seen here is overgrown with thick thistle brush we bombed most of Iwo with after the war.  There is a circular road and a couple memorials along there where the old cemetery used to reside.

The island is again Japan's and MHT takes tours there once a year.  Haunting is the only way to describe the island.

Paul Jackson