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Naval Aviation Technical Manuals

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Ted Klapka
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#1 Posted: 10/17/2010 18:50:58

The Naval Air Systems Command (Navair) has posted a number of Technical Manuals to its Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) website.  For example, the Structural Repair Manual (TO 1-1A-1) is posted as well as such unusual manuals as the Pilots manual for the FJ4 Fury (kind a a NAvy F-86).  There about 40 or so Manuals and pubs posted on this website (as well as 400+ FOIA'd Contracts...in case you need something to put you to sleep.


THe Navair FOIA website is a little clumsy to get to but go to http://foia.navair.navy.mil/rroom.html

 and then just hit "Released Documents" without putting in a search term and they will all show up.


EAA (and others) should download all of the Tech Pubs and post them.


BTW:  If you want a Manual and know its Name or TO number, you can FOIA it off the website.

I've attempted to attach the 1-1A-1


Good Hunting!


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Navair 1-1A-1 Structural Repair Manual.pdf (2687060 bytes)