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O2H wreckage identified 1933 crash

Posted By:
AL Sumrall
#1 Posted: 3/21/2011 18:35:12

The wreckage of a  Douglas O2H that crashed into a hill in Texas and burned in 1933 has been identified.  Cadet Charles D. Rogers flying out of Kelly Field in March 1933 in 29-163 was killed flying alone in a night training exercise. His body was recovered and sent to Asheville N.C.  The wreckage including engine of 29-163 was left at the remote site on private property with no salvage.

Parts recovered are the rear and mid fuselage (the forward  gun mount is intact) and tailplane, flare chute and rear skid are intact.  Eight cylinders and crankshaft from Liberty 12 cylinder engine were also recovered. The crankshaft was badly bent upon impact.   The pilots death certificate and accident report have been found, but so far no photograph of the plane or pilot has been found help is requested in finding both as well as the resting place of the pilot.

The wreckage remains as a fitting tribute to all the peacetime Cadets that lost their lives 1919-1941.  Any restoration of course would have to be "ground up" but some parts would still be suitable for installation.

Al Sumrall