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Instrument Overhaul/Restoration

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H.G. Frautschy
Young Eagles Pilot or VolunteerHomebuilder or Craftsman
#1 Posted: 12/29/2009 16:29:20

This question crops up on a regular basis, so I'll share it with all of you - what shops have you found that did quality work to restore vintage aircraft instruments? Both the mechanical innards, which obviously require the services of a certified instrument repair shop, and if they also offer faceplate restoration services. Let us know who you work with, please.

H.G. Frautschy, Executive Director, VAA Editor of Vintage Airplane magazine & Vintage Aircraft Online
Andrew King
Vintage Aircraft Association Member
#2 Posted: 12/29/2009 20:20:45


Most of the instruments on my 1926 Ryan M-1 were overhauled by Dave Rogers, now at Legacy Instruments, http://www.legacyinstruments.com/





Russell Williams
Vintage Aircraft Association Member
#3 Posted: 1/7/2010 23:28:21

Keystone Instruments, Lock Haven PA has done a good job for me on a number of instruments in my Ryan SC-W and a St. Louis Cardinal I'm restoring.  They're kind of slow but they do a good job.

Jim Van Weelden
#4 Posted: 1/8/2010 07:27:47

Prescision dial in Kalamazoo, Mi.  That is their only business and they do a fantastic job

7240 west KL ave.

Kalamazoo,  MI. 49009


#5 Posted: 1/8/2010 13:29:26

I agree with Andrew on Legacy. Also Instrument Pro in Hayward is good, tho a bit expensive. Numerous antiquers, myself included, have had less than favourable dealings with Keystone, so they are off my list. Excellent instrument face work in Kalamazoo, and he does custom colors as well, and custom logos if you supply the artwork for a nominal fee.