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1930s Air Racing question

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Andrew King
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#1 Posted: 12/29/2009 20:24:10

Steve Wittman raced the Pobjoy Special in the 200 cubic inch class in 1933 and 1934, what other aircraft and pilots raced in that class in the 1930s?



#2 Posted: 1/7/2010 19:24:46


Other competitors in the 200 cu in class included The Tillbury-Fundy Flash, NR12931 flown by Art Carnahan or Lyman Voelpel; Hansen Baby Bullets #2, NR282W and #3 NR84Y, flown by Art Davis and Walter Bagnick; Hans Rasmussen's Skippy NR13518 flown by Bill Kysor, the Chet Loose Special NR10545 flown by Harold Neumann; and various Church and Heath racers. Note the Loose, Hansens, and Skippy were also eligible for the 115 cu in class and ran in both classes, along with some of the Heaths and Church racers, in fact any racers powered with a Continental A40 could move up a class. The Pobjoy was 173 cu in so the next biggest class was for 200 cu in. I'm certain there were many, many other airplanes and pilots that competed in the 200 cu in class in the local and regional events in which Steve also flew.

All this info can be found in "The Golden Age Of Air Racing vols 1 and 2" by Wes Schmid and Truman Weaver, published by EAA. I recommend getting a copy if you're at all interested in air racing. Much info, pictures and many contemporary race reports.

I'm working on a replica of Perry Hansen's Baby Bullet #2 NR282W. Power will be a Continental A65 in place of the A40 used in the original. When it's done Joe Norris will be among the first to know!


Chris Kinnaman

EAA # 36270

Edgewood NM

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Jim Cunningham
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#3 Posted: 1/7/2010 20:15:33



There is an excellent article by Jack Cox on the Pobjoy in the November 1998 Sport Aviation which covers a little about that subject... you can access that online at http://www.oshkosh365.org/saarchive/eaa_articles/1998_11_14.pdf. There's also a mention in the book "The Golden Age of Air Racing," page 427... in the chapter on Steve Wittman writen by Aaron King Wittman talks about racing the Pobjoy in New Orleans in 1934 (that's the race in which Steve had his car stolen, according to an article in the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern published at the time).


I'd say that your best bet is to contact the Society of Air Race Historians... see www.airrace.com. Those guys are THE source on this type of stuff!


Jim Cunningham



Jim Cunningham Normal IL CFII
Andrew King
Vintage Aircraft Association Member
#4 Posted: 1/7/2010 21:13:36

Thanks guys

That Baby Bullet looks neat-

Tony Ambrose
#5 Posted: 1/9/2010 13:19:15

Hi!  Here's some info on aircraft and pilots flying the same "class" of aircraft as did Steve Wittman and the Pobjoy.  This information was provided by Don Berliner of the Society of Air Racing Historians (www.airrace.com).  Also check out EAA's Golden Age of Air Racing book by Wes Schmidt and Truman Weaver!


Tony Ambrose


1930 Cleveland 275 cu. in Free-for-All
Art Chester            Davis
B.W. Diggle           Inland Sport
Freddie Lund         Davis
Eddie Heath          Heath Cannonball
Bart Stevenson      Monocoupe
Danny Fowlie         Phantom (Luscombe?)
C.B. Burmood       Monocoupe
1931 Cleveland 275 cu. in. Fre-for-All
M. Lambert           Heath
Bart Stevenson     Monocoupe
Art Chester           Davis
Vernon Roberts    Monocoupe
1931 Cleveland 115 cu. in. Free-for-All
Duke Muller         Heath
W. Franklin          Church
M. Lambert          Heath
1932 Cleveland 200 cu. in. Free-for-All
Art Davis             Heath
Harold Neumann  Loose Racer
George McCarthy Church
L.A. Sibley          Neuman
Duke Muller        Heath
1933 Chicago 200 cu. in. Free-for-All
Steve Wittman     Pobjoy Racer
Lyman Voelpel    Tilbury "Flash"
Walter Bagnick    Heath
Bill Reedholm      Loose Special
W.A.C. Stoudt     Chutch mid-wing
1934 Cleveland 200 cu. in. Free-for-All
Steve Wittman         Pobjoy Racer
Willis Kysor              Rassmussen
Art Davis                   Houser (Hansen?)
Clarence McArthur  Tilbury-Fundy "Flash"
1934 New Orleans 200 cu. in. free-fr-All
Steve Wittman      Nicholas-Beazley
B.A. Carpenter     Carpenter Special
H.F. Vincent          Dugan Gill