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How to find students

Posted By:
Joel Cox
#1 Posted: 6/8/2010 23:04:55

Perhaps somebody will give me some ideas on this. I'm a relatively new flight instructor (got the rating 3 months ago), but just recently started actively looking for students. Currently, I've got one CFII add-on, but beyond that, I've got nothing. What's the best way to find prospective students. I'm not just looking for private students, but really anything, flight reviews, instrument currency, light sport, experimental, anything. What's the best way to find people who need an instructor?

Jerry Rosie
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#2 Posted: 6/9/2010 08:21:05

Using you computer, make up a bunch of fliers and take them around to airports in the area and post them on their bulletin boards, take some to local fly ins, don't forget area schools, ask the FAA or AOPA to let you make a short pitch at one of their safety seminars.  None of this costs much and probably targets the folks who would be most interested.


Cheers, Jerry NC22375 out of 07N
Scott Sonderman
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#3 Posted: 6/16/2010 11:02:39

Joel: a great way for people in your area to find you is to register online on the EAA website under (FIND AN INSTRUCTOR).

 I found my instructor by following the Pull-down tabs 1st tab Aviation Interests, 2nd tab Sport Pilot LSA, 3rd tab Flight Instructor, 4th tab Find on Instructor.  At this point you can choose a state to find an instructor or add your name to the list of Instructors.     http://www.sportpilot.org/instructors/index.html

I hope this helps


Joel Cox
#4 Posted: 6/20/2010 20:55:44

Thanks for the ideas guys. The second one hadn't crossed my mind, even though I've looked at that database countless times. Thanks again.

Tony Johnstone
IAC MemberNAFI Member
#5 Posted: 6/21/2010 16:09:22


   Another thing you can do is talk to your local FAA Safety Program manager about becoming a FAASTeam rep.  If you get involved with the program you will have an opportunity to participate in events, keep yourself up to date, and raise your public profile.  You don't have to be the most experienced CFI on the planet, almost everyone has something to offer, the FAASTeam relies heavily on its volunteers.


       Good Luck, Tony

Hal Bryan
#6 Posted: 8/29/2010 01:10:27

Talk to the FBO at your local airport and leave some business cards in the terminal. We have a constant flow of people wanting to learn to fly and just wanting to go sight see. I usually recommend people talk to several different instructors to determine who's best for them. People shouldn't have just one instructor to choose from. I think you can also register on sites like http://www.aopa.org/letsgoflying/ready/choose/cfisearch.cfm?WT.mc_id=T10930AWL.

Helen Woods
#7 Posted: 9/11/2010 05:56:49

Our #1 student recruiting tool is our web page.  #2 is customer referrals.  #1 is a must and can be easily done on a shoe string budget.  #2 will come in time if you treat your current students well.



Saffy Kamal
#8 Posted: 11/24/2010 21:52:12

Dear Mr. Joel,

I want to help you in this...and I can help you

I can also be yar Student, cuz I wana be a Pilot....n this is ma Passion....but here comes a problem, I m far away from US. how can I get to you?

your reply would be appreciable