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Are there any grants or free private pilot or sport pilot for disability?

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Craig Savka
#1 Posted: 8/12/2010 13:44:32

I am interested going into getting a private pilot  or sport pilot. I am Deaf and I want to know if there are any grants or free flight class, instructor, and perhaps rent free airplane. I want to get this private pilot so in future I will like to give back to the community to teach other future deaf want to be pilots. 

Any one know?


Gregory Lawrence
Young Eagles Pilot or Volunteer
#2 Posted: 8/13/2010 07:16:18 Modified: 8/13/2010 07:21:20

Good to see you here Craig, you are already taking the first step to BEcoming an aviator by BEing here.  The steps are BE - DO - HAVE.  BE - an aviator learn the language, beliefs and values of aviators - you do that here and hanging out at the airport.  (Same way you BEcame an American and Deaf - learning the language, beliefs and values.)  DO the training and flying - if you have BEcome an aviator,you will fly and nothing can stop you because that is WHO YOU REALLY ARE.  Then you will HAVE a pilot's certificate. 

There are some instructors that know a little Sign Language.  Right now there is only one instructor who is Deaf (Capital "D" as you are - culturally Deaf native ASL) and I hope some day that you can join me in teaching people to fly.  You, me and other Deaf know that we express and understand Deaf to Deaf very differently and deeper than hearing people who know a little Sign Language can.  I am going to Wichita to fly with Kirby Ortega, Chief Instructor Cessna Piston Aircraft.  Then, I will be working with the 275 Cessna Pilot Centers and King Schools to make pilot training accessible to Deaf and taking the message "You Can Fly" to 40 Deaf Schools across the country, Deaf Nation Expos and several Fly-Ins.  Go to your friendly neighborhood Cessna Pilot Center and tell them they are soon going to have help from Jack, Bob, Kirby, Julie and me (Pelton, Chairman, President, CEO - Stangarone, VP Communications - Ortega - Felucci, CPC Manager and Greg).  Ask them to ask Julie Felucci to arrange for me to come fly with their instructors to teach how to teach Deaf.  The reason Cessna is doing this is that Jack Pelton is a nice guy and wants to help you, me and other Deaf, Cessna leads General Aviation, for every Deaf person that flies 1,000 hearing people may get the idea "If she can do it, I can do it".  Lyn Freeman, Editor of Flying Adventures Magazine (http://www.flyingadventures.com/aviators.htm - look who is between Governor Mike Rounds and Harrison Ford) has brought Cessna and me together.

I am helping many Deaf by VP and Email now.  I will be happy to put you on my Email student list as soon as you send to Deafhawk_2000@yahoo.com and you may call on VP 866 784-4389.