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Flight Instructor and 172 needed - July 22 to Aug 31st

Posted By:
Chris Marshall
AirVenture Volunteer
#1 Posted: 7/12/2011 15:10:10

I'm very close to completing the requirements for my check ride (practical test prep and short field / soft field landings) and I've contacted a designated examiner who is willing to proctor the exam in Wisconsin if I can get signed off during this time period in Oshkosh.

I would like to know if there are any instructors who will be in the area of Airventure during the time period above who would be willing to work with me and evaluate my readiness for the check ride and help someone finish off the first step in their dream. I imagine that the weekend of the 22nd to the 24th before things get too crazy would be the preferred option, but I'm very flexible and open to ideas about how to get this done.

Please PM me if you or someone you know of may be able to assist.


Chris Marshall

EAA Life Member 788355