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#1 Posted: 2/1/2010 01:34:28

I want to start doing some aerobatics, what books or videos should I start reading before going to a school??

Sam Shifrin
IAC Member
#2 Posted: 2/2/2010 17:39:40

Hello Cesar,

I'm new to Acro (started for real this past fall), and read and suggest the following two books:

Basic Aerobatics, Geza Szurovy & Mike Goulian

Flight Unlimited, Eric Muller & Annette Carson.

I have actually been going back to these books after practicing, on a regular basis. 

There is also a link on the message board "Video: 2010" that will bring you to a web site with excellent video of an instructor flying a Decathlon through primary and sportsman routines.  I found these videos really helpfull.


Eric Rood
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#3 Posted: 2/4/2010 19:15:31

Duane Cole's   ROLL AROUND A POINT  comes to the top of my mind.

Its been 30 years, give me a day to rummage through my library and I will have a list of the books I used.


#4 Posted: 2/5/2010 20:57:54

Fly for Fun will be one to reccomend. .....you can get the book at the EAA/IAC merchandise section among many other books...

do you know where are you going to train and which type of aircraft?

N202MK Giles 202 S/N 11 Owner
Andrew Love
IAC Member
#5 Posted: 2/15/2010 03:22:43

Aerobatics by Neil Williams although dated, is a great, great read, particularly if you are flying a basic trainer like a Citabria or 150.