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My idea for a competition for experimental aircraft.....

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cody perry
#1 Posted: 5/30/2010 10:59:13

Ok, so first off, I do not know if this is in the right section.....Srry if it is.

I had an idea a while back around January for a new competition during the Airventure event.....Get ready for this....Air Paintball. Yes, AIR Paintball. Let the owners of experimental aircraft attach full or semi auto paintball guns to their aircraft, put 1 or 2 pilots on each team and send them up. Whoever gets hit has to land. Last pilot or team in the air, WINS! There is NO risk of making a plane crash as the paintballs will only break on impact and cannot break through the metal or whatever is on the plane. Or even damage the engine.

Let me know what you think. I really want some feedback on this. And the pilot cannot be hurt either as paintballs do not actually hurt that much. Just enough to know you got hit and it's time to land.

Joe Scheibinger
Homebuilder or Craftsman
#2 Posted: 6/4/2010 12:18:38

Hi Cody,


I love the idea! It would make a great reality TV show. I think you should contact Red Bull and see if they are interested in your idea. After seeing airshows at EAA for the last 25 years, there isn't much that gets me excited. It always seems to be the same every year. I always looked forward to see Bob Hoover, but that was about it.

So here is my idea for a great new airshow stunt. A clipped wing Breezy with an IO-540 on the back! That would excite me! Seeing someone on the front of a Breezy upside down 150 MPH 10 feet off the deck would send chills down the spine!

Laser tag would be more practical for your idea. The big guns at EAA would go nuts the first time a spectator would get blasted with a paint ball gun! The press would have a field day! Thanks Cody.

Joe S.
Andrew Love
IAC Member
#3 Posted: 6/18/2010 22:01:56

Great idea, would be a bit nervous about using fabric covered machines though....

Raymond Buhr
IAC MemberHomebuilder or Craftsman
#4 Posted: 8/20/2010 11:02:38


 Lazer tag sounds OK,  but do you know what a paintball would do to a propellor tip traveling at 500 mph?


The kinetic energy of a typical 3.2g paintaball at 60 mph is 1.08 Joules, but that same paintball at 520 mph when it hits a prop tip is 86 Joules which is about 80 times the force.


A prop strike near the tip will likely damage a wood prop.

 Not to mention denting of aluminum aircraft.

 The liability insurance alone to cover the event would be prohibitive.


Too dangerous and expensive.

 Perhaps propane guns (for the sound) and laser tag system to register hits would work without danger to anyone or the aircraft.



Nick Myers
#5 Posted: 8/27/2010 14:20:04

I wonder what the insurance companies would say about orgaizing a bunch of pilots closely flying together pretending to "dog fight".  It's one thing if two buddies go out and horse around, it a different thing all together when the event is orgaized and consists of more than two participants who may or may not have appropriate training to recover from the inevitable unusual attitudes.

That said...anyone ever mount lasers, sensors, and scoring system to an airplane?  Any recommendations on a make/model of laser/sensor?

Raymond Buhr
IAC MemberHomebuilder or Craftsman
#6 Posted: 9/3/2010 10:52:34

Hmmmm, after Googling "Aircraft Laser tag" I was surprised to find that it has become a problem for aircraft.


I guess kills will have to be recorded over the radio using the honor system, with perhaps video gunsights to record

the action for after combat lounge viewing.


I am sure the insurance companies would not endorse that and should the unthinkable midair occur, they will be looking for escape clauses.


Now if only I could find some WWI patrols in the SoCal region to have fun with I would build an Aerodrome WWI fighter and get my Sport Pilot done at once.


In the mean time I'll have to settle for Motor Glider Aerobatics and such.