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NEW Pacific North West PPC/Ultralight Pilot Forum

Posted By:
Mike Clouse
#1 Posted: 5/23/2010 09:50:27


NEW Pacific North West Pilot Forums PPC

You are all invited (even if your not in the PNW)

Here in Eastern Wash/Oregon we seem to be having a growing number of PPC and ultralight
pilots and I have normally just emailed pilots about up coming get together's,discussions
etc. So to simplify things and have a central place to post on the web I (Mike Clouse) (with a great deal of help
from my nephew Tom...a Forum master!) have created a new PPC/ultralight forum..It is brand new as of may 13th 2010.
There are lots of sections for posting events,questions on training/equip/photos etc.

Check it out and we would love to have you join us...Should be a great flying season!


Just click the register button and choose a user name and password.

Facebook user? We have a facebook group too!


Have a GREAT Season!

Mike Clouse
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