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92 Year Old WASP flies again!

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Hal Bryan
#1 Posted: 4/27/2010 17:22:01


(From the Miami Herald - click the pic for the full story and video)

Two months into her 93rd year, Tex Amanda Brown Meachem ditched her four-wheeled walker, settled into the cockpit of a restored World War II training plane and flew into her past.

``I hope we do some aerobatics,'' she confided.

Meachem, a wartime pilot who lives at John Knox Village in Pompano Beach, wasn't disappointed. During a 30-minute joy ride with History Flight pilot John Makinson on Friday, she said she did ``two rolls -- one right and one left -- and a chandelle,'' a climbing/banking/direction-reversing maneuver.


Tex Meachem, 92, one of 300 of the surviving WASPS, who flew during WWII, and founder of the "John Knox Village Chapter of the Red Hats Society. Meachem got her dream Friday, April 23, 2010, to fly her beloved AT-6 Texan once again. Thanks to History Flight, of Marathon. She took of from Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport Friday, April 23, 2010, with pilot John Makinson, of History Flight.


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